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Born in 1970 Lives and works in Brussels
With referents escaping current imagery or illustrating on the contrary the giddinesses of youth, the artist works out a painting where transparency overrides the subject. From portraits of close relations, of face or backs, and sometimes masked, to Baroque esthetics, the taste of the obsolete images of the XVIIe century (scene of hunt or sumptuous boats of the royal fleet), of flowerings kitsch which were and remain its subjects of predilection. Other stereotypes closer to our modernity, and borrowed from visual Internet media (adolescent dancers and dancers or models of underground bondage) as many validate for the artist expressions of a marvellous strangeness, body, vestimentary and space ornamentation. His paintings are carried out with oil canvas of generally large sizes, are posed on frame or are pinned directly on the the wall.
Matter is light, the floating gesture, the flexible brush. It gives a perception of a veiled reality, an image slightly fuzzy or over-exposed in a vision with the hazy glance. As well as images collected in a palate of mirror, it is difficult to apprehend the depth of the scene, and if the subject is the decoration even or the decoration irremediably the only subject. The light of the last fabrics emerges from the table in the excitation of a retinal laser atmosphere. It takes its source in a kind of disintegration of painting, and the figuration on which usually the artist is held, like a glance surprised by a ray of light, subsides in the abstract destruction of phosphene effects.

Frédéric Bouglé, 2007